How to make a website in less than 10 minutes - Easy and fast

How to make a website ?

How to make a website in less than 10 minutes.


Choose Name of your Website

Choose a name for your website.(like    example. com/in/us/uk etc)


Find Best and Cheap Hosting

After finding your site name next step is very important because this step is finding best and Affordable Hosting so Bluehost Provides Best Hosting according to my Experience.

What is Hosting?
The Space where we can Store/Save our files related to Websites and Apps etc.

Buy Hosting with Free Domain from Bluehost(Offers Hosting $3.95 per month with One year FREE Domain also with SSL Certificate)


Choose Best and awesome theme.

Choose best Theme for your Website. Just Search On Search Engines you get many resulsr related to Website themes(If you Choose WordPress just serach WordPress Themes)


Install, customize,edit theme properly

Install Theme in Wordpress and then customize theme properly like as demo.install all plugins related to theme. 

               Congratulations 🎉🎉

        Your Website is Ready to launch.